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Adaptability that is the of the day.

Blog time again! Well, what do I have to say today? Adaptability that is my word of the day.

I love the sound of over driven tubes in a small Fender amp. There was a review of my music and the reviewer made note of that. Coz it is true. But last December when strolling in the Las Vegas Guitar Center there was an old vintage Baby Taylor. Interesting... It needed work, the bridge was pulling of the soundboard, otherwise very nice, including an actual Taylor hard shell case. So... I had to snag it! I took it to RM Guitars in Las Vegas where I know Rod would repair and set it up the way I prefer my guitars to be set up. A week later I picked it up and nothing has been the same since.

Literally, my guitar playing has changed dramatically. This is such a nice acoustic guitar. The short scale is similar to an electric guitar feel, the sound is so big and luscious. Amazing for a small box guitar. It can be seen in my new video if you haven't seen it yet, here is a link: https://youtu.be/j4eStFc8JEg

So my love for hot tubes has not changed but the acoustic is for the first time in my playing career the first guitar I pick up in the morning. This has resulted in my evolution towards a more country music, really more cowboy music style of playing and singing.

Thing is, this new sound is being received very well, so, I'm no fool; as an entertainer giving audiences what they like is my job. And I am happy to oblige! I love playing and expressing my soul through music and this is just a new and exciting way to do that!